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Laser and RF technology has evolved rapidly over the last several years. We are proud to say we have the most advanced, up to date technology that only a handful of dermatologists in the country utilize. No matter what your skin tone, we skillfully combine Laser and RF technology to get deep underneath the skin to permanently remove even the worst skin problems, including acne scars, sun damaged skin, fine lines, wrinkles, while tightening your skin giving you younger, vibrant looking skin.

Types of Lasers

Our office boasts more than 30 different types of highly-advanced lasers, each holding to the highest FDA standards, to cater to many skin conditions. We typically will offer treatment plans that involve a combination of different lasers to achieve your desired look safely and effectively. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Rispler personally chooses every laser involved in your treatment based on his experience as a physician who is on the forefront of laser technology. Having so many dermatologic lasers means we can be very specific in tailoring your treatment, unlike many other laser centers.

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“They are the best, my skin looks as good as it has in 15 years!
Staff is super friendly and the treatments are affordable!”

Lisa Ann Walter, Los Angeles
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